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The reviews you will find here are entirely built upon the individual boat's technical specifications. This means that the reviews are not flavoured by any personal opinions or preferences.

The foundation for each individual review is the world's largest boat database in combination with:

  • Widely accepted heuristic rules of thumb
  • Statistical methods
  • Artificial intelligence (deep learning)

The criteria, which are used in this review, are the boat categories from EU (European Union), ISO standards, boat design ratios like 'Motion Comfort Ratio', 'Theoretical Max Hull Speed', handicap, and many others.

The extent of the review may differ from boat type to boat type depending on the accumulated specifications for each boat type. If we have lot of information about a given boat type, the review is extensive. On the other hand, if we only have little information about a given boat type available the review will be sparse or non-existent.

The review pages are - for time being - only in English. Enjoy!

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